Counseling For Kids

At Forte Counseling Group we believe counseling done in the right way can make a huge difference in kids lives. Child Centered Play Therapy is an evidence-based modality that allows children to express themselves and heal in their own natural language and developmentally appropriate level. Through a carefully and intentionally created environment, children use objects, puzzles, games, toys, art and other expressive tools to tell their story and find healing. Children use play to understand the world around them. Through play therapy children can control and master their small space, which builds confidence and increases self esteem.

The safe space created in the play therapy room allows children to explore, test, and learn to trust their feelings. This builds emotional awareness, coping skills, self control, and self worth. In a world where children often feel powerless and out of control, play therapy gives them a place to make their own choices, be responsible for their decisions, and be respected as a co-creator in their reality. Through play therapy children gain problem solving skills, self direction, and responsibility. They also work, in this space, to discover and build their identity. The unique relationship that is built between the therapist and child aids in relational skills, social development, and attachment. Statistical analysis shows that Client Centered Play Therapy significantly reduces negative symptoms and improves children’s behavior.

With the rise of screen time, video games and media in children’s lives, play therapy also gives a space for children to disconnect and reengage their creativity, imagination and sense of self directed play. This can help improve attention, focus, and brain development. In a world that is overstimulating, the time in play therapy allows children to slow down and listen to their inner voice more clearly, which can be a catalyst for deep emotional healing.

Play therapy is effective with a wide range of issues, including trauma, grief, family transitions, behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, abuse, school-related issues, and attachment.

Katelan Hostetler has advanced training working with kids. She is currently working toward becoming a Registered Play Therapist. With advanced training in child centered play therapy, sand tray therapy, and art therapy techniques, her expertise in providing expressive therapies allows children to communicate naturally and freely, in an environment uniquely designed to meet their needs. If you are considering counseling for your child give us a call. Katelan is amazing and your child will love working with her.