Forte Counseling Group

Specializing in couples counseling in the greater Clackamas, Oregon area.


To provide a warm and inviting environment where relationships and lives are positively transformed by the synergy of wisdom, compassion, specialized and expert counseling, hope, empowerment, and encouragement.

At Forte Counseling Group we got into this field of work because we care about people. We want to help people achieve their goals and find great satisfaction in knowing that we have helped to improve someone’s life. The Forte Counseling Group is here to serve couples, individuals and kids in need of effective professional help in overcoming issues and challenges which hinder them from achieving their personal, professional and relationship goals. Our desire is to help you live your life to the fullest, and help you get past any emotional, relationship, or psychological hurdles that may hinder you.

Forte Counseling Group therapists provide compassionate professional counseling that effectively helps our clients work through their problems in a skilled and friendly manner.  We commonly help with issues such as relationship struggles, depression, anxiety, trauma, body image issues, poor communication, forgiveness, lack of emotional or physical intimacy, addictions, grief, etc.


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